EALL Courses Open to Alumni Auditors

CHIN 3111-12  Chinese Literature in Translation

JAPN 3111-12   Japanese Literature in Translation

KOR 3111-12   Korean Literature in Translation

KOR 3189-10  History of Korean Design, Decorative Arts, and Material Culture

KOR 3190-10  Korean Arts and Culture

Please attend the first class session and speak with the professor to obtain approval.

Alumni Career Paths


Buyco, Ryan (BA 2011)

Hills, Jon (BA 2004)

Licata, Nicola (BA 2015)

Okamoto, Christina (BA 1990)

Pegg, Richard (BA 1983, MA 1990)

Wu, Yanru (BA 2015)

Schneider, David K.

Michael Wert (BA 1997)