Chinese Faculty

Core Faculty

Jonathan Chaves

Professor of Chinese

Chinese poetry, relationships among poetry, painting and calligraphy in China, Chinese literature in Japan.

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Liana Chen

Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Literature; Program Director, The Taiwan Education and Research Program (TERP)

Chinese literature, Chinese drama and theatre, Taiwanese literature and film.

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Hongyuan Dong

Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Linguistics

Formal semantics, Historical linguistics, Language policy, Language and music, Philosophy of language.

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Miaochun Wei

Teaching Assistant Professor in the Chinese Language

Second language acquisition, language assessment, teacher’s professional development.

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Hang Zhang

Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Linguistics

Second language acquisition; Tones; Chinese linguistics; Chinese language pedagogy. 

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Phyllis Ni Zhang

Professor of Chinese and International Affairs

Chinese syntax and pedagogical grammar, technology-enhanced foreign language pedagogy; Chinese proficiency development and assessment.

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Part-Time Faculty

Associate and Affiliated Faculty

Alexa Alice Joubin

Professor of English, Theatre, International Affairs, and East Asian Languages and Cultures

Co-director of the Digital Humanities Institute, Middlebury College John M. Kirk, Jr. Chair in Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Xiaofei Kang


Area of research: Religions of China

Edward A. McCord

Professor Emeritus


Faculty Emeriti

Davis L. Lee

Associate Professor Emeritus of Chinese and International Affairs