Minor in Japanese Language & Literature

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The Japanese minor covers the foundational concepts in spoken and written Japanese, including both official language and commonly used speech patterns. All minors complete six courses, with topics including pre-modern through present day literature, history and social science, newspapers and documentaries.

Students in the minor are also required to complete four prerequisite language courses before finishing the remaining requirements.

Questions about the Japanese minor? Contact Brendan Morley.

Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 
Prerequisite courses
JAPN 1001Beginning Japanese I
JAPN 1002Beginning Japanese II
JAPN 2003Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 2004Intermediate Japanese II
Required for the minor
Six JAPN courses (18 credits) numbered 3000 or above, at least one of these must be selected from the following:
JAPN 4107Readings in Modern Japanese I
JAPN 4108Readings in Modern Japanese II
JAPN 4109Introduction to Bungo, Literary Japanese
JAPN 4110Readings in Classical Japanese
JAPN 4121WAdvanced Conversation and Composition I
JAPN 4122WAdvanced Conversation and Composition II