Minor in Chinese Language & Literature

2019 Jiangsu Cup winners Olivia G. Saunders, Theo Moore-Manakas and Natalie Horton

Students in the Chinese minor complete six required courses in language and literature. Coursework merges Chinese language study with diverse topics such as language policy, prehistoric myth, Chinese theatre, gender identity, cultural exchange and much more. Students in the minor are also required to complete four prerequisite language courses before completing the remaining requirements.

Questions about minoring in Chinese? Please contact Liana Chen.

Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

18 credits in required courses.

Prerequisite courses
CHIN 1001Beginning Chinese I
CHIN 1002Beginning Chinese II
CHIN 2003Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 2004Intermediate Chinese II
Required for the minor
CHIN 3105Intermediate Chinese III
CHIN 3106Intermediate Chinese IV
One upper-level language course (3 credits) selected from the following:
CHIN 4107Readings in Modern Chinese I
CHIN 4108Readings in Modern Chinese II
CHIN 4119WBusiness Chinese
CHIN 4121WAdvanced Conversation and Composition I
CHIN 4122WAdvanced Conversation and Composition II
Three additional courses (9 credits) in Chinese language and literature selected from the following:
CHIN 3109Introduction to Classical Chinese I
CHIN 3110Introduction to Classical Chinese II
CHIN 3111Chinese Literature in Translation I
CHIN 3112Chinese Literature in Translation II
CHIN 3116Language Policy of China
CHIN 3123Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHIN 3124Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHIN 3136WChinese Women in Myth, Literature, and Film
or WGSS 3136W Chinese Women in Myth, Literature, and Film
CHIN 3163Taiwanese Literature and Film
CHIN 3171Poetry of the Tang and Song Periods I
CHIN 3172Poetry of the Tang and Song Periods II
CHIN 3173Chinese Drama and Theatre
CHIN 3175WDream of the Red Chamber
CHIN 4179Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature I
CHIN 4180WTwentieth-Century Chinese Literature II

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