Minor in Korean Language & Literature

Students on a Zoom call participating in the 2020 Korean Language Table event

The 18-credit minor in Korean language and literature offers students a flexible way to advance their skills and combine Korean with another area of study.

Course requirements for the minor include modern Korean readings and conversation, as well as electives focusing on areas such as Korean film, society, literary translation and more. Students in the minor are also required to complete four prerequisite language courses before completing the remaining requirements.

Questions about the Korean minor? Contact Immanuel Kim.

Course Requirements

Minor in Korean Language and LiteratureThe following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

18 credits in required courses.

Prerequisite courses
These prerequisite courses are not required for students who demonstrate proficiency beyond the level of a given course. For example, a student who demonstrates proficiency beyond the first-year level can be exempted from KOR 1001 and KOR1002; a student whose proficiency exceeds that of KOR 2004 is not required to take any of the courses listed below.
KOR 1001Beginning Korean I
KOR 1002Beginning Korean II
KOR 2003Intermediate Korean I
KOR 2004Intermediate Korean II
Required for the minor
KOR 3105Intermediate Korean III
KOR 3106Intermediate Korean IV
One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
KOR 4107Readings in Modern Korean I
KOR 4108Readings in Modern Korean II
KOR 4121WAdvanced Korean Conversation and Composition I
KOR 4122WAdvanced Korean Conversation and Composition II
Three courses (9 credits) in Korean language and literature selected from the following. At least one course must be in Korean literature.
KOR 3111Korean Literature in Translation I
KOR 3112Korean Literature in Translation II
KOR 3123Introduction to Korean Linguistics
KOR 3124Introduction to Korean Linguistics
KOR 3162Korean Culture through Film
KOR 4109Introduction to the History of the Korean Language
KOR 4190North Korean Society and Culture