Korean Placement Exam

The Korean placement exam is designed for students who want to be placed in a Korean language course at the most appropriate level.

Exam Open Dates
The online Korean placement exam is administered twice a year:

  • Summer: July 1 - August 25
  • Winter: November 16 - January 10


Who Needs to Take the Placement Test


No Placement Test Is Required If:

  • You have little or no prior knowledge of Korean. You can register for KOR 1001: Beginning Korean I.
  • You are a native speaker of Korean, took formal education in Korea for more than 5 years or completed elementary school in Korea. Your Korean language seems to exceed the second language proficiency requirement for Korean courses at GW.


Placement Test Is Required If

  • You have suspended your study of Korean at GW for one or more semesters.
  • You took Korean classes in an institution other than GW, and want to continue studying Korean at GW.
  • You have self-studied Korean language and are able to read and write in basic Korean, but are not sure of an appropriate course.
  • You have lived in a Korean-speaking family elsewhere than in Korea, and want to continue studying Korean

Once you complete the registration survey about language background and experience, you will be notified with more detailed information to take the online Korean placement test.


Registration Survey for the Korean Placement Exam


Test Format

  • The Korean placement exam consists of listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. You are expected to be able to type in Korean for the writing section.
  • An oral interview may be conducted for selected students when it is necessary to determine the placement.

If you have any further questions, contact the Korean placement exam advisor, Insung Ko.