Brendan Morley

Brendan Morley

Brendan Morley

Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Literature

Core Faculty


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Sinitic poetry and prose (kanshibun), classical Japanese poetics, Japanese intellectual history

  • Kanbun, Kundoku, and the Language of Literary Sinitic: Terminological Issues in the Study of Sinography in Japan,” Japanese Language and Literature, 56.2 (2022), 329-354.
  • “Poetry and Diplomacy in Early Heian Japan: The Embassy of Wang Hyoryŏm from Parhae to the Kōnin Court,” Journal of the American Oriental Society, 136.2 (2016), 343-371.
  • Review, “Reflecting the Past: Place, Language, and Principle in Japan’s Medieval Mirror Genre, by Erin L. Brightwell,” Journal of the American Oriental Society, 142.2 (2022), 470-472.

PhD, University of California, Berkeley