Credit Transfers

AP/IB Credits

Consult the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for the information.

Study Abroad

Consult the Study Abroad Office for various program options and procedures.

For the approval of the courses, first read a relevant fact sheet from the links below. Then, if necessary, approach one of the following EALL faculty members before you leave. Make an appointment by email, bring the catalog, the syllabus, and other descriptions of the program and courses to the faculty, and get a provisional approval.


Visit the Chinese program study-abroad page for information specific to studying abroad in the Chinese-speaking regions, and transferring credits after returning.

  • Prof. Hang Zhang (General advising on study abroad and credit transfers, language courses)
  • Prof. Liana Chen (General advising, literature courses)


Download and read this document before approaching a Japanese professor.

  • Prof. Takae Tsujioka (Language/Linguistics)
  • Prof. Brendan Morley¬†(Literature/Culture)


  • Prof. Miok Pak