The Chinese Program at GW

Chinese is the most-spoken language in the world. With China's increasing presence on the world's stage, being proficient in Chinese has many advantages for people in terms of seeking jobs as well as doing scholarly research. We offer a BA program in Chinese Language and Literature and an MA program in Chinese Language and Culture. For more information about our BA and MA programs, please click the links on the left. We also offer a Minor in Chinese, and you can find more information on the left as well.

Students can build their Chinese proficiency rapidly from novice to intermediate high through a three-year language program that develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Mandarin Chinese. Meanwhile students take classical Chinese, literature in translation, linguistics, drama, and culture through film courses taught in English to better understand the Chinese language and culture while enhance their learning experiences through higher order of learning such as critical thinking, text analysis, and cultural comparisons. Beyond the third year language program, we offer advanced language courses to develop advanced proficiency. Courses include readings in modern Chinese, advanced conversation and composition, and many electives such as business Chinese, modern literature and classical poetry in originals, and directed reading to develop advanced skills. Students are engaged research projects and oral and written reports--some of them require speaking and writing in Chinese. Besides Chinese-related courses in our program, Chinese majors are required to take two outside-of-program East Asian related courses, including history, religion, art, philosophy, as well as language and literature. In addition, most of our majors and minors participate in a semester or semester plus summer study abroad program through our GW affiliated overseas programs. We seek excellence and aim at preparing our majors and minors for real world tasks linguistically and culturally, which build a solid Chinese foundation that benefits their lifelong learning.

The Chinese program maintained a blog with useful information on scholarships, internships and our Chinese related events. The blog is not up-to-date, but you can still browse the blog here.



Letters from Our Alumni

Nicola graduated from GW in 2015 with a minor in Chinese. She has always been fascinated by the Chinese language and culture. Now, courtesy of the Chinese Scholarship Council, she is pursuing a two-year Masters of International Trade at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. In this letter, she updates us on what she has been up to upon graduation.