Tips for Preliminary Round Video Presentation

Use our tips as you prepare your J.LIVE Talk preliminary round video presentation. Learn more about the J.LIVE event and visit our Youtube channel for past event videos.


Video Presentation Guidelines

  1. Pay attention to what is in the background. You do not want people's eyes to wander or be distracted by what is behind you. The focus should be on you, and the background should complement that.
  2. Pay attention to lighting. Do not sit in front of a window, because the webcam will adjust its exposure to the light, and you will be hard to see. The light source -- whether a window or a light, should be in front of you.
  3. Be sure that the webcam is at eye level or slightly higher. If you are using your laptop, put it on top of some books to raise it up. Don't get too close to the webcam, but also don't sit too far away. And be aware how much of your body is showing in the frame. Since you will only appear on a small screen during your presentation, we do not recommend you stand up and move around.
    A person at a video screen with head and shoulders visible, facing the camera head on


    Good example: Head and shoulders are visible, good lighting and the camera angle is facing the subject head-on

    A person zoomed in on camera with the angle from below


    Bad example: Subject is too zoomed in and shown from underneath at an angle

  4. Avoid clothes with school logos, and make sure there is no school logos in the background (e.g. posters, classroom signs).
  5. You want to maintain eye contact with the online audience, even though you can't see them. So when you speak, be sure to look at the webcam. The natural tendency is to look at yourself on the screen, so the webcam will show your eyes looking down.
  6. Be sure to do a technical check -- the microphone and audio, the lighting, and the camera. We recommend you use a headset with a microphone to block any outside noise and carry your voice clearly.