Professor Tsujioka

Takae Tsujioka

Address: Rome Hall
Phone: 202-994-6727
[email protected]

Teaching Assistant Professor in the Japanese Language

Full CV available.

Current Research

Japanese linguistics, Japanese pedagogy, syntax, morphology, technology in language classroom


Ph.D. in Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington DC (2001)

MA in Applied Linguistics, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1995)


2012. Intermediate Japanese: A Grammar and Workbook.Routledge. (co-authored with Shoko Hamano)

2011. “Idioms, Mixed Marking, and the Base-generation Hypothesis for Ditransitives in Japanese.” Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 20(2), 117-143.

2011. Basic Japanese: A Grammar and Workbook.Routledge. (co-authored with Shoko Hamano)

2004. Argument Structure and Ditransitive Verbs in Japanese. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 13, 1-38. (co-authored with Shigeru Miyagawa)

2002. The Syntax of Possession in Japanese. New York:  Routledge Publishers.

Classes Taught

Beginning Japanese I
Beginning Japanese II
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Intermediate Japanese III
Intermediate Japanese IV
Advanced Conversation and Composition I
Advanced Conversation and Composition II
Readings in Modern Japanese I
Readings in Modern Japanese II
Directed Reading I