Student Research

MA Theses:

[Note: MA theses can be find in GW's library. For more information click here.]

2020 Yuanyuan Zou: "Finding the appropriate fit: An interdisciplinary rereading of Daoist nuns in Hearing Zither in Bamboo Dock" (Director: X. Kang; Co-Director: L. Chen; Reader: H. Dong)

2019 Tianyu Fan: “Seize the dragon's tail – An Analytical Study of Laozi’s biography in Shiji” (Director: J. Chaves; Co-Director: L. Chen; Reader: H. Dong)

2018 Yeweitao Wu: “When Mistakes Are Made in Music Playing, Someone Glanced”: The Evolution of Allusion “Zhou Lang Gu” (Director: J. Chaves; Co-Director: L. Chen; Reader: H. Dong)

2018 Mengke Zhou: "'Heaven and Earth Grant Me This Life at Leisure': An Analytical Study of Yongzheng's Leisure Poetry" (Director: J. Chaves; Co-Director: L. Chen; Reader: H. Zhang)


Honors Theses by Chinese Majors:

2020 Rui Jia Zheng: "Nüshu script: A space for idealism" (Advisor: H. Dong; Reader: L. Chen)

2020 Katie Jarrett: "China's language policy and its effect on bilingual Tibetan speakers" (Advisor: H. Dong; Readers: H. Zhang)

2019 Andrew Allard: "Linguistic exchanges between Chinese and Khmer from Prehistory to Modern Cambodia" (Advisor: H. Dong)

2019 Elizabeth Telford: "A Look at Christianity in China as Portrayed through Wu Li’s Poems on the Seven Deadly Sins" (Advisor: J. Chaves)

2017 Mark Schaefer: “Ghosts and Social Critique in Yu Hua’s The Seventh Day” (Advisor: L. Chen; Reader: H. Dong)


Undergraduate Essays supported by scholarships:

2013 Vivian Young: "Traditionalism in a contemporary classic: Jin Yong’s The Legend of the Condor Heroes", research supported by a Luther Rice Fellowship. (Advisor: L. Chen)

2013 Caitlin Anne Keliher: research project on China's education policy in rural areas and minority communities, with the support of a Fulbright Scholarship. (Advisor: P. Zhang)