Schedule - 2023

J.LIVE Talk 2023 Contest Schedule

application period 9/13-10/6: individual (on campus) college/high-school (category I, II, III); application period 10/10-10/26 group (video) high school only

Please note that individual competitions and group competition have different application periods. This year individual competitions will be held on campus, including high school division.

Individual Competition Schedule

Preliminary round video 2-3 minutes Oct 6; Semi-final Round video 1 min Oct 13; Final Round on Nov 12 english abstract (150 words), presentation slides (materials due Nov 4)

Please make sure to submit the preliminary application for the individual competition by 11:59PM EDT Friday, October 6th.  Semifinalists will receive a notification along with the application form for the semi-final round on October 10th.  The semifinalists will submit the application by 11:59PM EDT Friday, October 13th and will receive the result on October 17th.  Finalists need to submit an English abstract and the presentation slides that will be used at the final round by 11:59PM EDT Saturday, November 4th.  Please see College Divisions Application or High School Division Application for more details.

Preliminary video 2 mins 45 secs to 3 mins Oct 26; 3 groups; Final round Nov 12; Audience vote; Awards

Group Video Competition Schedule

Please submit your Group video by 11:59PM EST Thursday, October 26th. The video will be pre-screened and the top videos will be shown at the final round of J.LIVE Talk on Sunday, November 12th. Please see High School Group Video Division Application for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.