Qingming Zhou

Qingming Zhou headshot
Adjunct Instructor in Chinese
Rome 454
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Mr. Zhou has a bachelor of arts degree in archaeology from Peking University, two  master of arts degrees in anthropology (from Washington University in St. Louis, and from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing), and a Master of Library Science degree from the University at Albany – SUNY.  Mr. Zhou published several research papers when working at the National Museum of Chinese History and at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.  Mr. Zhou also published more than 200 poems and essays (in Chinese) in dozens of literary magazines, newspapers and anthologies of poetry and won several Chinese poetry contest awards. In addition, Mr. Zhou translated seven archeological excavation reports and research papers from Chinese into English, and chapters of two books from English and Japanese into Chinese.

Classes Taught

CHIN 3105 Intermediate Chinese III

CHIN 3106 Intermediate Chinese IV

CHIN 4107 Readings in Modern Chinese I

CHIN 4108 Readings in Modern Chinese II

CHIN 4121W Advanced Chinese Conversation and Composition I

CHIN 4180W 20th Century Chinese Literature