Our students make presentations at CCAS Research Showcase

April 11, 2023
Sophie and Jake at research presentations

Our students Sophie Lam (pictured on left) and Jake Messick (on right) present their research at the CCAS Research Showcase on Tuesday April 11 on topics from the cultural significance of hair embroidery in Qing dynasty, to a sociopolitical and linguistic analysis of the second-round simplified Chinese characters. Their presentations titles are:

  •  "Strands of Virtue: Exploring Gentry Laywomen’s Hair Embroideries of Guanyin in Late Imperial Jiangnan" by Sophie Lam (MA in Chinese Language and Culture)
  • "China's Forgotten Simplification Scheme: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of the Failure of the Second Round of Simplified Chinese Characters" by Jake Messick (BA in Chinese Language and Literature)

Congratulations to both Sophie and Jake on their successful presentations!