Master of Arts in Chinese Language and Culture

The Master of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) offers students the opportunity to deepen intellectual and cultural understanding of China. It prepares students for careers in various fields such as academia, consulting, government, business, non-profit, or education. Being in the heart of the nation’s capital, our program allows students the opportunity to interact with many leading organizations, business headquarters, consulting firms, and government and media agencies based in DC. Students can enrich their learning experiences with additional activities: 

  • Visiting the U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress, State Department, World Bank, IMF, Kennedy Center, Smithsonian museums, the Chinese Embassy, and many world famous places in DC.
  • Working with government agencies or non-profit organizations to complete a capstone project or MA thesis on China-related topics
  • Working as a volunteer or an intern to gain professional experience in CCTV-Washington Station, Asia Society, or Asia-related education programs at museums
  • Attending talks, seminars, and conferences at the nearby universities and centers, including GW Sigur Center’s lectures and talks on China and Asia.  
  • Building a professional network to support career opportunities.

Application Deadline:

  • To enroll in the Fall semester, apply by February 1 (for fellowship consideration), or by April 1 (no fellowship)
  • To enroll in the Spring semester, apply by October 1.