J.LIVE Talk 2023 Results & Photo Link

High School Group Video Division 

Gold: Ocean Lakes High School (VA) "Day as an Ocean Lakes Student" 

Ocean Lakes HS YouTube image


Silver: Hayfield Secondary School (VA) 

Bronze: Lafayette High School (VA)


Individual Division
High School
Harrison speech picture

Gold: Shima Harrison (National Cathedral School & Washington Japanese Heritage Center) 

 "El Salvador Book Project"

 『エルサルバドル ブックプロジェクト』

Silver: Kyla Austin (Urbana High School & Washington Japanese Heritage Center)

 ”The Radiance of Life”『命の輝き』

Bronze: Chloe Schaffran (Walter Johnson High School & Washington Japanese Heritage Center)

 ”Is It Ever Too Late to Try Something New?”



College I
Foster speech picture

Gold: Carlee Foster (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

 ”The Importance of Connections”『つながりの大切さ』

Silver: Loïc Duggal (Rice University)

 "To Mars"『火星へ』

Bronze: Maegan Mahula (Baylor University)

 "Access to Food for International Students"



College II
Martin speech picture

Gold: Kai Martin (Macalester College)

 "My Position as a Transgender Athlete"


Silver: Skylar Kim (University of California San Diego)

 "The Real Me"『本当の私』

Bronze: Nicholas Bird (The George Washington University)



College III
Nakada speech picture

Gold: Carolina Yuka Nakada (University of Pennsylvania)

 "The Other Side of the World"『世界の反対側』

Silver: Andrew Brooks (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

 "A Window to the Heart"『心への窓』

Bronze: Rachel Kwon (The George Washington University)

 "A Wall Inside Myself"『自分の中の壁』


Congratulations All!  

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