Insung Ko

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Insung Ko

Teaching Assistant Professor in Korean Language

Core Faculty


Email: Insung Ko
Office Phone: (202) 994-6723

Dr. Insung Ko has been teaching Korean language to students at all proficiency levels in a variety of settings in his career as well as courses in linguistics and second language learning and teaching. His research extends from theoretical Korean linguistics to second language pedagogy, second language phonetics, teaching pronunciation, language testing, and more. He promotes the effects of cultural awareness and communicative experience on language learning, and develops better instructional materials and methodologies for second language teaching. 

Intercultural communicative competence, Technology aided language teaching, Teaching second language pronunciation, Politeness and honorifics of Korean, History of Korean language

KOR 1001 Beginning Korean I
KOR 1002 Beginning Korean II
KOR 4107 Readings in Modern Korean I
KOR 4108 Readings in Modern Korean II
KOR 4092 Introduction to the History of Korean Language
Ph.D./MA in Linguistics, University of Hawaii at Manoa
MA in English LInguistics, Korea University
BA in English Language Education, Korea University