Empowering Teachers to Empower Learners: Exploring AI Tools for Teaching Chinese

GWU 2024 Summer Workshop for Chinese Language Teaching (Virtual)

Organized by Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures, George Washington University

Co-sponsored by GWU National Resource Center, GWU Taiwan Education and Research Program


Workshop: July 27, 7:30 -10:30 PM (US ET)

  • Workshop Title: Practical Workshop on International Chinese Education in the Era of Generative AI
  • Description: This workshop will guide teachers step-by-step in using large language models (LLM) to generate Chinese teaching materials. It will utilize backward design to create innovative teaching strategies and lesson plans, and discuss how to use user-friendly generative AI tools to facilitate students' autonomous Chinese learning. We will focus on the following areas:
  1. Fundamental principles and application examples of generative AI tools.
  2. How to design and generate Chinese teaching materials suitable for different language proficiency levels.
  3. Specific applications and case studies of the backward design method in teaching.
  4. Strategies to enhance students' autonomous learning abilities through generative AI tools.
  5. Hands-on practice sessions allowing participants to experience the practical application of AI tools.
  • Additionally, we will invite participants to share their experiences and insights on using generative AI in their teaching. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to independently apply these new technologies to optimize their teaching process and enhance student learning outcomes.
  • Presenter Bio:  Yujen Lien (連育仁 Lian Yuren) is currently the Dean of ViewSonic Academy and an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Chinese Language and Literature at Chung Yuan Christian University (中原大學). He has previously served as an Associate Professor and Director of the Chinese Language Teaching Center at the same university. Due to his work experience, educational background, and interests, Professor Lian is highly familiar with teaching tools, online services, and hardware and software related to the integration of digital technology into international Chinese education. Since 2007, he has lectured on digital Chinese teaching techniques and strategies in over 40 countries and has his own teaching channel and community on the internet. His digital teaching training channel has over 50,000 subscribers, with total views exceeding 6.5 million. These educators continue to discuss and actively integrate emerging technologies into both physical and online classrooms. (YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@lienlaoshi)
  • Registration form:  click this link here.
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