College Division Travel Support

Travel subsidies of up to $500 in total to cover all or part of the following travel expenses will be provided to eligible college division finalists whose home institution is located more than 100 miles away in driving distance from George Washington University (See

  • transportation (air, train, or gas for auto travel) between a finalist’s college address and GW
  • one night's accommodation (up to $150)
  • parking fee at the George Washington University campus

Meal expenses are not covered, although breakfast and lunch will be provided on the day of the competition. The maximum subsidy for accommodation expenses is $150. For instance, if your flight ticket costs $200 and your hotel stay costs $250, we will reimburse you $350 since the maximum allowance for accommodations is $150, and your transportation cost is $200.

Travel subsidies are given only on a reimbursement-basis, and will be processed after the completion of the event. We need your social security number to process your reimbursement. Please provide it when you come to GW for the contest. To receive your reimbursement, you must also provide all the receipts within two weeks of the Final Round. An E-ticket itinerary is OK as long as it shows the total cost for the ticket and your credit card information.

Please note that this subsidy is provided only to college division finalists. Regrettably, high school division finalists must arrange for their trip to Washington DC without a subsidy.