CASLAR-6 Call for Papers

CASLAR-6 invites proposals for presentations that are related to research in any area of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL). Those wishing to participate should prepare abstracts for 20-minute oral presentations (15 minutes plus 5 minute Q & A) or poster presentations. Below there are some suggested categories for topics, though submissions need not be limited to these areas.

Subject Language(s): Chinese, English


Suggested Topic Areas

  • Acquisition and development of CSL (Chinese as a Second Language)
  • Role of culture in the acquisition of CSL
  • Research-based Language Teaching Methodology for Chinese as a second / foreign language
  • Pragmatics of using Chinese as a second language
  • Cognitive aspects of CSL acquisition
  • Distance Learning in CSL
  • Technology and CSL
  • Computer-mediated communication in CSL
  • Acquisition of Chinese grammar, vocabulary
  • Chinese character acquisition and recognition
  • Discourse in CSL
  • Designing materials for CSL instruction
  • Conceptual socialization in the process of developing CSL
  • Application of linguistic theories to Chinese L2 data
  • Motivation to learn Chinese
  • Effect of CSL on L1
  • Assessment of proficiency in CSL



Two volumes of selected papers will be published from conference presentations. One of them will select the best papers focusing on linguistics (Routledge) and discourse issues of CSL/CFL while the second one will select the best papers focusing on language learning and teaching issues (DeGruyter). Papers can also be submitted for consideration to the CASLAR journal.


Abstract Submissions

2021 New Abstract Submission Deadline: May 1, 2021.

Please submit abstracts to EASYABS on the Linguist List website.


Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts should be written in English or Chinese and be submitted as a WORD doc (not a PDF file).
  • Your personal information such as name, affiliation, and email can NOT be included in the abstract. The personal information will be collected before uploading your abstracts on EasyAbs.
  • Each proposal should include: the title, the abstract, five keywords and a summary (A4 or Letter size, 12 points in single space). The first keyword should indicate the topic area of your study, such as ‘Phonology,’ ‘Pragmatics,’ ‘Textbook,’ etc. (please refer to the aforementioned “Suggested Topic Areas”). The summaries may be used in the conference program.
  • You will be asked to indicate your proposal category on EasyAbs. Both Individual Presentations and Panels are acceptable.

Category Guidelines

  • Individual Presentations: This category is for proposals to present research results for a twenty-minute session (including Q&A) or in the format of poster presentation. The abstract should not exceed 350 English words (or about 600 Chinese characters) with title and keywords. The abstract should summarize the purpose of the study, methods, main results, and implications (if relevant). A summary of your proposal should not exceed 60 English words (or 90 Chinese characters).
  • Panels: This category is for an hour-long panel comprised with three, or four, presentations on a common theme. Each panel must have a representative submitting a proposal, which should include: a). the main theme of the panel; b). individual topics and abstracts, c) five key words and a summary. The proposal should not exceed 500 English words in total (or 750 Chinese characters) and the summary should not exceed 100 English words (or about 150 Chinese characters).
  • Posters: Poster presentations usually focus on an on-going project. They combine text and graphics to present the project in a way that is visually interesting and accessible. Papers with lower scores and not accepted for oral presentations because of not enough time in the schedule will also be considered for this type of presentation.