Advancing Chinese Teaching: Innovations, Outcomes, and New Directions | 乔治·华盛顿大学中文教学与研究论坛


Saturday, July 30, 2022  

Zoom Webinar

Theme: L2 Hanzi Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

followed by workshops on Sunday, July 31


Note: We have made available some of the slides and/or video recordings from this symposium and the workshops. Please click on "Symposium Program" and "Teaching Workshops" (the two buttons below) to find these materials, if available, after each presentation.

Keynote Presentations: New Directions for L2 Hanzi Learning 

  • Chengzhi Chu, Associate Professor of Chinese, University of California, Davis.
  • Nan Jiang, Professor of Second Language Acquisition, University of Maryland, College Park.  

Other Presentations: Innovations in Theory and Practice

Other Invited Speakers

Sharing Experiences and Perceptions:

  • Kevin Fedewa, Ph.D. Student, Michigan State University; Global Professor and Project Coordinator, University of Arizona’s Microcampus at Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China
  • Dr. Eric Pelzl, Postdoctoral Scholar, Penn State University

Roundtable Discussion: Challenges & Opportunities:

  • Xinying Edens 张新颖, Holland Hall Upper School
  • Ninghui Liang 梁宁辉, Yale University
  • Xiwen Lu 陆熙雯, Brandeis University
  • Zhiying Qian 钱之莹, Florida State University
  • Qian Wang 王蒨, University of British Columbia
  • Hsiang-ning Wang 王祥寧 University of British Columbia –– Heritage Chinese classes

Organizing Committee

  • Phyllis Zhang, Associate Professor of Chinese and International Affairs, GWU
  • Matt Coss, Lecturer in the Chinese language, GWU
  • Hongyuan Dong, Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Linguistics, GWU



Advancing Chinese Teaching: Innovations, Outcomes & New Directions 乔治·华盛顿大学中文教学与研究论坛

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