ACTFL Initiative: Lead with Languages

Professor Tsujioka's class and her students as well as Professor Hamano's old student are featured in this promotional video created by ACTFL.


We offer programs in the following languages:

We also offer tutoring in the three languages above. 

Related Courses

EALL 1075: East Asian Calligraphy (3)
Writing of Chinese characters with traditional writing implements. No knowledge of the language required. History, aesthetics and philosophy of East Asian scripts and calligraphy and their relationship to paintings, seal carving and literature.

EALL 3811: Confucian Literature in East Asia (3)
General introduction to Confucian traditions of literature, emphasis on history, historical writings, popular tales, and drama in China, Korea and Japan. Same as Rel 3811.

EALL 3814: Religion and Philosophy in East Asia (3)
General introduction to the religious and philosophical tradition of China, Korean and Japan. Same as Rel 3814.

EALL 3821: Religion and Ethics in East Asia (3)
Introduction to foundational traditions of Ethics in China, Korea, Japan with emphasis on their early origins, and transformation in pre-modern and contemporary times. Same as Rel 3821.

EALL 3831: Daoism in East Asia (3)
Study of the early history of the formation and development of Daoism, its growth into an institutionalized religious organization in China, and its role in the religious and philosophical history of Korea and Japan. Same as Rel 3831.

EALL 3832: Myth, Ritual, and Popular Religion in China (3)
Key aspects of popular religious myths, symbols, rituals, and practices in China, such as ancestor worship, spirit possession, fengshui theories, and pilgrimage. Same as Rel 3832.

Internship Opportunities for Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in internship opportunities are encouraged to visit the Sigur Center for Asian Studies where they can receive information about internships in a myriad of areas, such as the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Quinn Wins First Jiansu Cup Chinese Speech Content

GW student Tim Quinn was one of three gold award winners in the Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest. Quinn received a full scholarship to complete a master’s degree at Nanjing University. The scholarship will cover full tuition, housing, health insurance and a monthly living stipend.