The 23rd Hahn Moo-Sook Colloquium in the Korean Humanities

Sat, 24 October, 2015 12:30pm

Visualizing Royal Ceremonies:

Korean Culture through the Ŭigwe Royal Documents of Chosŏn Dynasty

Source: Oekyu 203. Courtesy of the National Museum of Korea. This Ŭigwe was returned following an agreement made between France and South Korea and between the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the National Museum of Korea on February 7, 2011.


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Saturday, October 24, 2015, 8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Harry Harding Auditorium

1957 E Street, NW, Room 213

Washington, DC 20052


Overview of Program

8:30-9:00    Registration

9:00-9:20    Opening Remarks: Young-Key Kim-Renaud

Session I    Jisoo M. Kim, Chair
9:20-9:50    Yi Song-mi, “Introduction to Chosŏn Dynasty's Ŭigwe Royal Documents” [download paper here]
9:50-10:20    Jeong-hye Park, “Novel Characteristics of Ŭigwe Illustrations during the King Yŏngjo and Chŏngjo Era in the 18th Century” [download paper here]

10:20-10:30    Break

Session II     Gregg Brazinsky, Chair 
10:30-11:00    Burglind Jungmann, “Some characteristics and peculiarities of commemorative paintings of the Chosŏn dynasty” [download paper here, & images here]
11:00-11:30    Se-Mi Oh, “From Ritual to History: Kojong’s Funeral Procession in Ŭigwe and Photography” [download paper here]

Session III     Roy Richard Grinker, Chair
11:30-12:10    Documentary: “The Grand Heritage, Ŭigwe” (Produced by Arirang TV)

12:10-12:40    General Discussion

12:40-2:00    Lunch


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