2019 Semifinal Round

The video submissions are judged by two different panels of judges. The following 18 semifinalists have been selected by the first panel and notified. Congratulations to all!

Category I

Alexzander Ciminillo, University of Findlay (Professor Hiroaki Kawamura)

Nathanael Freed, Bucknell University (Professor Yukiko Asano)

Anqi (Angel) Shen, The George Washington University (Professor Takae Tsujioka)

Dia Thomas, Franklin and Marshall College (Professor Kaori Shimizu)

Wrange Walther, Texas A&M University (Professor Yuki Waugh)

Xin Xia, Franklin and Marshall College (Professor Kaori Shimizu)

Category II               

Claire Baptiste, University of Pennsylvania (Professor Tomoko Takami)

Siping Li, Bucknell University (Professor Yukiko Asano)

Bilal Pazir, University of Texas at San Antonio (Professor Makiko Fukuda)

Spencer Rauner, George Washington University (Professor Takae Tsujioka)

Yiman Wang, Georgetown University (Professor Yoshiko Mori)

Emily Wu, Brown University (Professor Naemi Mcpherson)

Category III             

Deidra Buenger, University of Toledo (Professor Kasumi Yamazaki)

Daniel Hutton, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Professor Jordan Bledsoe)

JooHyun Koh, University of California, Los Angeles (Professor Asako Hayashi Takakura)

Zhen Li, Bucknell University (Professor Yukiko Asano)

Natasha Milligan, Willamette University (Professor Miho Fujiwara)

Jaewon Park, Bucknell University (Professor Yukiko Asano)

The semifinalists' videos are now being judged by the second panel of judges. In addition, the semifinalists have been asked to provide a short video message to the second panel of judges as to what message they would like to convey at the J.LIVE Talk 2019. Three finalists will be selected from each category and invited to participate in the Final Round.

preliminary round

Preliminary Round opens on September 1!