Professor Hongyuan Dong publishes a 2nd edition of his book on the history of the Chinese language

A History of the Chinese Language, second edition, by Hongyuan Dong
January 08, 2021

Professor Hongyuan Dong publishes a new edition of his book A History of the Chinese Language (Routledge 2021). The second edition presents a revised and updated version that reflects recent scholarship in Chinese historical linguistics and new developments in related disciplines. Some of the main features of this edition includes:

Coverage of the major historical stages in Chinese language development, such as Old Chinese, Middle Chinese, Early Modern Chinese, and Modern Standard Chinese.

>>Treatment of core linguistic aspects of the Chinese language, including phonological changes, grammatical development, lexical evolution, vernacular writing, the Chinese writing system, and Chinese dialects.

>>Inclusion of authentic Chinese texts throughout the book, presented within a rigorous framework of linguistic analysis to help students to build up critical and evaluative skills and acquire valuable cultural knowledge.

>>Integration of materials from different disciplines, such as archaeology, genetics, history, and sociolinguistics, to highlight the cultural and social background of each period of the language.

For more information please visith the publisher's webpage. You may also find it on Amazon here.