Cong Antou Dao Qushu

Professor Liana Chen authored the book 從案頭到氍毹:《牡丹亭》明清文人之詮釋改編與舞臺藝術之遞進 (Cong antou dao qushu: Mudan ting Ming Qing wenren zhi quanshi gaibian yu wutai yishu zhi dijin "Literati and Actors at Work: The Transformations of Peony Pavilion on Page and on Stage in the Ming and Qing Dynasties"), published by 臺大出版社中心 (National Taiwan University Press 2013). Tang Xianzu's Peony Pavilion has had a long and illustrious afterlife in print and on stage. This book examples the shifting priorities and aesthetic tastes in stage and literati adaptations of the play in multiple cultural contexts.