2017 Semifinal Round

This year, the video submissions are judged by two different panels of judges.The following 17 semifinalists have been selected by the first panel and notified. Congratulations to all!

Category I

David Burnett, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Professor Naomi Geyer)

Macee Carson, University of Findlay (Professor Hiroaki Kawamura)

Briana Cruz, California State University, Sacramento (Professors Atashi Golestan Maryam and Kazue Masuyama)

Michael Deng, Gilford College (Professor Hiroko Hirakawa)

Herbert Fletcher, Georgetown University (Professor Motoko Omori)

Asma Khan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Professor Tomoko Hoogenboom)

Category II                

Luis Cisneros, California State University, Sacramento (Professor Atashi Golestan Maryam)

Gus Holdrich, Baylor University (Professor Yuko Prefume)

Youyou Huang, Georgetown University (Professor Motoko Omori)

Nahyeon Jeon, George Washington University (Professor Shoko Hamano)

Kevin Woolsey, University of Virginia (Professor Tomomi Sato)

Kevin Yuan, Georgetown University (Professor Yoshiko Mori)

Category III              

Xavier Brodnax, George Washington University (Professor Takae Tsujioka)

Kanako Ichikawa, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Professor Reiko Sono)

Logan Lampkins, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Professor Fumie Kato)

Jennifer Shin, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS (Professor Yasue Oguro)

Yi Zhao, George Washington University (Professor Takae Tsujioka)

Their videos are now being judged by the second panel of judges. Three finalists will be selected from each category and invited to participate in the Final Round. 

preliminary round

Preliminary Round opens on September 1!